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Frequently asked questions
Q) How much does PodApp cost?
A) PodApp subscriptions are as low as ~40 US cents a day, with a 7-day free trial. We're the best value in podcasting!
Q) Is PodApp easy to use?
A) PodApp is easy to use and offer 24/7 support with our English-speaking team from the UK. We listen to what you say to make our tool awesome. You get easy guides, fun videos, and a team to help you. We spent lots of money to make the best tool for you. You're never alone; we're always here to help! PodApp WILL work for you, or your money back.
Q) What kind of equipment do I need? I don't have any equipment.
A) No worries! You can use your computer, laptop, or phone's built-in microphone. PodApp's automatic audio features will make sure it sounds awesome.
Q) What about trials, refunds and cancellations?
A) Try PodApp free for 7 days. We won't charge your card until the trial ends. If you're not happy we'll credit your account $100! Want to leave? No problem, we won't ask questions. And guess what? Even if you get a refund or cancel, you can keep using PodApp for free!
Q) Do you need a credit card for the free trial?
A) To keep PodApp safe and high-quality, we ask for payment info when you start your free trial. Cancel anytime before it ends, and you won't be charged. Stripe, a trusted leader, keeps your payment info secure and encrypted.
Q) Does PodApp publish to platforms like Spotify, Apple, etc?
A) Yes! Your episodes are on our platform as well as partner platforms ie. Spotify, Apple etc. We make it so easy to get your message out there!
Q) Can I conduct video interviews?
A) Yes! with one simple link, you can interview anyone in the world and turn it into a podcast. Super simple.
Q) What is included in my free trial?
A) Everything! You get access to the full suite of PodApp features as soon as you start your trial.
Q) I already have a podcast, can I migrate to PodApp?
A) Yes! We have a super easy to use podcast migration tool that will automatically import all your existing episodes into PodApp, all included for free!
Q) What kind of analytics / data to I see?
A) Once your podcast gets some listeners you will see deep analytics information similar to Google Analytics.
Q) How is PodApp better than its competitors?
A) PodApp is the first tool that does EVERYTHING for podcasters. Record easily and make your sound clear. You can also make video shows! One click shares your podcast everywhere. Find out who's listening and make your show even better. Our support team and classes help you 24/7. We even post your episodes for you and help you make money. PodApp is your all-in-one solution for podcast success.
Q) Does PodApp have an app?
A) Currently, PodApp is a mobile-friendly website. You can use it on your phone, laptop, tablet you could also use 'add to homescreen' feature on your browser while you are on the website for it to act like an app on your mobile device. We are currently working on bringing the PodApp experience to the App and Play store.
Q) How is my data kept safe?
A) We use top-notch, bank-grade encryption to keep your data safe and meet all privacy laws. Your data is secure on our servers provided by a leading cloud service.