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The Flip Phone Comeback: Gen Z is Going Retro

The Flip Phone Comeback: Why Gen Z is Going Retro

It's true that smartphones have become an important aspect of our everyday routine. However, the latest trend among Gen Z is to go retro by abandoning their smartphones and switching to less advanced gadgets, such as flip phones.

The resurgence of flip phones among younger people is a phenomenon that seems regressive in our technology-driven society, though a recent CNBC report shows that sales of flip phones are increasing in the United States.

The fascination with flip phones is part of a wider trend of nostalgia for the 1990s and 2000s. This trend includes the resurgence of Y2K fashion over recent years and a growing popularity of vintage technology, such as disposable cameras.

This blog post aims to discuss the reasons behind it and explore the growing trend of digital detox, where people are opting to cut down on screen time.

The impact of nostalgia

Recalling positive memories from the past and reconnecting with the happy emotions associated with them is what makes up the complex emotion known as nostalgia, which also happens to be the one of the main reasons for the growing trend of flip phones.

Although Gen Z may not have grown up using flip phones, they are now experiencing their popularity and finding them captivating. The retro look of flip phones is also gaining popularity, with many phone companies releasing updated versions of the classic flip phone; Nokia being a good example.

Phone companies are taking advantage of nostalgia marketing as a powerful tool to evoke positive emotions in today's consumers, which is not only aimed at younger people, but can also be used as an effective advertising tool for those who used older mobile devices while growing up.

What is a Digital Detox?

Another reason behind Gen Z's decision to switch to flip phones is due to having a growing desire for a digital detox. A digital detox refers to the act of reducing one's dependence on technology by limiting phone and computer use and increasing face-to-face interactions in order to create a more balanced lifestyle.

Nowadays, smartphones tend to distract us frequently, and we often prioritise browsing social media and other app notifications over engaging in face-to-face interactions. Though, limiting access to distracting apps and notifications can be helpful in reconnecting with the physical world and reducing stress. By using a flip phone, you can stay in touch with others while still undergoing a digital detox.

During 2022, individuals in the United States spent over 4.5 hours per day utilising their mobile devices, whereas in Canada, grown-ups estimated that they spend around 3.2 hours every day on screen time. In 2016 and 2017, young people and children had approximately three hours of daily screen time. Protection of Privacy

Apart from the digital detox, many smartphone users are worried about their personal data being collected and used improperly. Smartphones store and access a lot of personal data, which can be used in targeted advertisements or, in worst cases, in data breaches.

Understandably, it is common to have concerns about how our personal information may be misused. Consequently, some individuals are taking proactive measures to restrict the amount of data that is gathered about them using innovative methods.

Furthermore, since flip phones have more limited capabilities, there is a decreased likelihood of personal data being exposed, which makes people feel more secure when using them.

Other reasons why flip phones are the new preference?

There are individuals who have opted for flip phones as they provide all the essential features required, without the additional fancy features associated with smartphones.

Also, using flip phones is much easier and straightforward, as they help you to prioritise the more important things, like communicating with others.

Additionally, since flip phones do not have the same range of features and apps as smartphones, people are finding it a lot easier to better manage their time and cut down on screen time.

Sharing your opinions and thoughts

The trend of flip phones making a comeback has gained global attention. There are differing opinions on whether this trend is good or bad, and individuals are being encouraged to express their views on the matter.

The internet provides numerous sites for people to share their thoughts and opinions, such as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. It's here that users can express themselves and have discussions with others on these websites. Also, Medium is a blog site where users can write articles to share their opinions on various topics.

Additionally, podcasts offer a great way to give reviews, share thoughts and opinions with listeners and other individuals, particularly in regards to trending topics. Listeners can engage in conversations and also contribute their own perspectives, which can spark healthy, engaging debates on the pros and cons of a topic.


The comeback of flip phones among Gen Z is more than just a trend. It represents a conscious effort to limit smartphone usage, reconnect with the physical world, and protect personal data.

Although smartphones may offer a vast array of features and applications, they also have drawbacks. Those who opt for flip phones value in-person interactions over digital ones and prioritise privacy over convenience.

It's unclear if flip phones will remain popular or if their current comeback is only temporary. However, their return presents a unique and surprisingly welcome departure from the typical use of technology, even if for only a short time.

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