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PodApp Academy

Learn & master podcasting with our award-winning courses. Take the guesswork out!

PodApp AI

Advanced AI to enhance your podcasting experience. It's like having a super smart assistant!

Discovery Platform

No Audience? Too much work? PodApp will automatically find an audience!

PodApp Monetize

Turn your audience into $$$. PodApp handles the boring stuff.

Social Platform

Interact with your audience through our social platform.

Landing Page

Create captivating landing pages for your content.

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"Cool, what else?"
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🎓 Education Ensures Success 🎓
Starting a podcast shouldnt be hard. Our easy, award-winning videos show you how. Our customers rate this 4.7/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Don't leave it up to chanceDon't know what you're doing? Access PodApp academy and learn from the best. The highest rated podcasting course out there!
Easy VideosComplete all 7 sections. Learn podcasting the easy way. Easy to follow, set yourself up for success.
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PodApp production suite
PodApp is a smart app that uses special AI tools to make the sound of your recordings really good, just like a pro made them. You don't need to know a lot about technology to use it.
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PodApp analytics suite
Powerful analytics
PodApp can automatically gather important information about how your podcast is doing. This helps you understand what is working well and what can be done better. With this information, you can make your podcasts even more interesting and get more people to listen to them.
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PodApp monetization suite
PodApp makes it easy to make money from your podcast. It uses smart technology to find the right ads for their podcasts. This means you don't have to worry about looking for advertisers. PodApp does the hard work for you.
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3xFaster creation
98%Customer satisfaction
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"I started a podcast for my small business using PodApp. Wow, the results were huge! So many people started listening and coming to my store. Everything was easy to do with PodApp. I'm super happy and thankful. Best choice I made!" - 4.9/5

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"Sara here! I started a book podcast with PodApp and it was so easy. Now, people everywhere are listening to my book talks, thanks to PodApp!" - 5/5

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"Starting my basketball podcast with PodApp was effortless. No fancy gear needed, just a love for the game." - 4.6/5


"Moving to podcasts was big for us. PodApp helps us keep good Google scores with its auto-writing. Plus, people love our show notes. PodApp rocks!"

Julie Brown4.5/5Julie Brown
The Freelancer Guru
The Freelancer Guru

"I work alone and had little time. PodApp is cheap and easy. It even posts my shows for me. I also make extra money now -- Super happy!"

John Harris4.9/5John Harris
Massive value
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Producing software ($29.95/mo)
Custom landing page ($29.95/mo)
Podcast host ($34.95/mo)
Advertising ($299.95/mo)
Total monthly cost of competitors $594.95/mo
PODAPP Features included
PodApp producer (INCLUDED)
Hosting (INCLUDED)
Social platform (INCLUDED)
Landing page (INCLUDED)
PodApp academy (INCLUDED)
Discovery platform (INCLUDED)
Up to $394.95/mo value, plans starting from $0.78/mo
Partners & Certifications
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Frequently asked questions
Q) How much does PodApp cost?
A) PodApp subscriptions are as low as ~40 US cents a day, with a 7-day free trial. We're the best value in podcasting!
Q) Is PodApp easy to use?
A) PodApp is easy to use and offer 24/7 support with our English-speaking team from the UK. We listen to what you say to make our tool awesome. You get easy guides, fun videos, and a team to help you. We spent lots of money to make the best tool for you. You're never alone; we're always here to help! PodApp WILL work for you, or your money back.
Q) What kind of equipment do I need? I don't have any equipment.
A) No worries! You can use your computer, laptop, or phone's built-in microphone. PodApp's automatic audio features will make sure it sounds awesome.
Q) What about trials, refunds and cancellations?
A) Try PodApp free for 7 days. We won't charge your card until the trial ends. If you're not happy we'll credit your account $100! Want to leave? No problem, we won't ask questions. And guess what? Even if you get a refund or cancel, you can keep using PodApp for free!
Q) Do you need a credit card for the free trial?
A) To keep PodApp safe and high-quality, we ask for payment info when you start your free trial. Cancel anytime before it ends, and you won't be charged. Stripe, a trusted leader, keeps your payment info secure and encrypted.
Q) Does PodApp publish to platforms like Spotify, Apple, etc?
A) Yes! Your episodes are on our platform as well as partner platforms ie. Spotify, Apple etc. We make it so easy to get your message out there!
Q) Can I conduct video interviews?
A) Yes! with one simple link, you can interview anyone in the world and turn it into a podcast. Super simple.
Q) What is included in my free trial?
A) Everything! You get access to the full suite of PodApp features as soon as you start your trial.
Q) I already have a podcast, can I migrate to PodApp?
A) Yes! We have a super easy to use podcast migration tool that will automatically import all your existing episodes into PodApp, all included for free!
Q) What kind of analytics / data to I see?
A) Once your podcast gets some listeners you will see deep analytics information similar to Google Analytics.
Q) How is PodApp better than its competitors?
A) PodApp is the first tool that does EVERYTHING for podcasters. Record easily and make your sound clear. You can also make video shows! One click shares your podcast everywhere. Find out who's listening and make your show even better. Our support team and classes help you 24/7. We even post your episodes for you and help you make money. PodApp is your all-in-one solution for podcast success.
Q) Does PodApp have an app?
A) Currently, PodApp is a mobile-friendly website. You can use it on your phone, laptop, tablet you could also use 'add to homescreen' feature on your browser while you are on the website for it to act like an app on your mobile device. We are currently working on bringing the PodApp experience to the App and Play store.
Q) How is my data kept safe?
A) We use top-notch, bank-grade encryption to keep your data safe and meet all privacy laws. Your data is secure on our servers provided by a leading cloud service.
Why Podcast?
Of people who start a podcast listen to the whole episode
Monthly podcast listeners globally
BenefitShare Your Voice
Have fun talking about things you love and let everyone hear it!
BenefitMake New Friends
Meet people who like the same things you do and become friends.
BenefitEarn Money
When people listen to your show, you can make money. It's like getting paid to chat!
BenefitLearn New Things
While making your show, you can learn a lot of cool stuff and become smarter.
BenefitBe Your Own Boss
You choose when to talk and what to talk about. It's all up to you!
BenefitHelp Others
Your show can help others learn and have fun. It feels good to help!
Projected ad spend for next year
Of Americans are familiar with podcasting
    Easy as 1-2-3
  1. Start Your ShowDay 1

    Easiest way for beginners to start a podcast. Starting a podcast has never been easier!

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    See who's listening with easy charts. Get more fans without the hard work. No more wondering how to make a podcast.

  3. Earn CashDay 3

    Love podcasting? Make money from it. Easy steps to start earning!

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