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UBX Punches Its Way into Japan, Taking Tokyo by Storm

In a bold move that solidifies its position as the world's fastest-growing boxing fitness franchise, UBX has officially launched its unique boxing and strength fitness concept in Japan.

Notably, this marks the brand's seventh international entry, with three exciting locations in Tokyo: Kodemmachō, Kagurazaka, and Omori.

Furthermore, August saw the dawn of a new era in Japanese fitness, as UBX, pronounced as "You-Box," unveiled its thrilling fitness concept to the enthusiastic crowds of Tokyo.

A Global Fitness Revolution

UBX's journey towards global fitness domination has been nothing short of impressive. With over 100 locations spanning across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the brand has firmly established its presence worldwide.

The audacious goal you might ask, well it’s to achieve a staggering 500+ gyms globally by 2033. This meteoric rise has been achieved through a combination of direct entries by the Australian-based HQ team and strategic Master Franchise partnerships with Prova Group and Empowered Brands.

The Masterful Partnership

Behind this remarkable expansion lies a combination of strategic brilliance and local expertise. UBX has strategically joined forces with Prova Group in Japan and Empowered Brands in the UK and Ireland, through Master Franchise partnerships.

Together with Prova Group, they are set to revolutionise the fitness landscape in Japan by opening a minimum of 145 locations over the next decade. This partnership signifies a deep commitment to delivering the UBX experience to every corner of Japan.

Japan: A Thriving Market for UBX

The UBX co-founder and Managing Director expressed their enthusiasm for entering the Japanese market.

Japan's rich history of boxing and martial arts, coupled with its list of world champions, including former P4P #1 boxer Naoya Inoue, makes it an exciting destination for UBX.

They emphasised how consumer interest often follows professional success in sports, highlighting Japan's fascination with boxing. This passion for combat sports promises a bright future for UBX in the Land of the Rising Sun.

UBX's Global Impact

In June, UBX made a splash in the USA with its first location in Larchmont, New York, attracting over 200 members and 2,400 visits since opening.

Meanwhile, in the UK and Ireland, where UBX launched in March, there are now four active locations, with more than 200 in the pipeline. This rapid expansion is a testament to the global appetite for UBX's innovative fitness experience.

A Powerful Collaboration with adidas Combat Sports

Reinforcing their commitment to the world of boxing, UBX has partnered with adidas Combat Sports globally.

This collaboration will see the co-branding and joint efforts in product design, marketing, and distribution of boxing gloves, apparel, staff uniforms, and equipment.

What’s more, it's a partnership born out of a shared passion for combat sports and a commitment to elevating the fitness experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

The UBX Story and Experience

Founded in 2016 in Brisbane, Australia, by Tim West and Australian boxing legend Danny Green, UBX has risen to become the world's fastest-growing boxing fitness franchise. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to democratise boxing and offer everyone the chance to train like a professional boxer.

Furthermore, what began as a dream between a fitness tech entrepreneur and a four-time world champion boxer has blossomed into a global fitness phenomenon.

UBX offers a one-of-a-kind fitness experience that combines the best of boxing and strength training in a 12-round circuit. Setting itself apart from traditional gyms, UBX fosters an environment that is fun, flexible, addictive, and inclusive.

It's a place where fitness enthusiasts of all levels can come together to unleash their inner fighter and transform their bodies.

A Global Fitness Revolution Continues

As UBX continues its global expansion, it remains steadfast in its core values, which are delivering a unique fitness experience while making boxing accessible to all.

What’s more, with an exceptional growth trajectory and unwavering dedication, UBX is poised to become the ultimate destination for boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

Also, adding in the brand's relentless commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and community building, means that they are set on a course to redefine fitness and inspire champions around the world.

Spreading the UBX Movement through Social Media and Podcasts

In today's digitally connected world, UBX recognises the power of social media platforms and podcasts in amplifying its global presence and fostering a tight-knit fitness community. Through engaging content, informative podcasts, and interactive social media campaigns, UBX can effortlessly connect with fitness enthusiasts and potential members worldwide.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter offer a dynamic space to share success stories, workout tips, and live sessions, creating a sense of belonging for UBX enthusiasts.

Simultaneously, podcasts provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of boxing and fitness, offering expert insights, athlete interviews, and motivational content. By harnessing the reach and influence of these digital mediums, UBX not only spreads awareness but also strengthens its commitment to making boxing accessible to all, one post and podcast episode at a time.


UBX's entry into the Japanese fitness market signifies a new chapter in the global fitness revolution. With a strong presence across continents and a commitment to making boxing accessible to all, UBX is not just a fitness franchise; it's a lifestyle movement.

What’s more, as the brand forges ahead on its mission to create the largest boxing community worldwide, there's no doubt that UBX is at the forefront of a new golden era in boxing fitness.

With its innovative approach, unbeatable energy, and relentless drive, UBX is here to redefine fitness and inspire champions around the world. UBX has indeed packed a punch, and its journey has only just begun.

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