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Turning Love for Cats into a Lucrative Side Business

Cat lover Becca Winkler has found a way to turn her unwavering love for felines into a profitable side business, bringing in an impressive extra income of £2,000 per month.

In addition to her demanding full-time job as a content creator for a video editing company, the 27-year-old has discovered the joys of cat sitting, providing a much-needed service for cat owners in need of reliable care while they are away.

Through the popular Cat in a Flat app, Becca has successfully completed 35 bookings since 2017, establishing herself as a trusted and sought-after cat sitter in her community. What’s more, her dedication and passion have not only enriched the lives of the cats she cares for but also added a welcome boost to her bank account.

Flexible Hours and a Drop-in Service

One of the key reasons Becca's side business has flourished is the flexibility it offers. As a content creator, Becca enjoys a work-from-home schedule, allowing her to accommodate the needs of her clients with ease.

She primarily offers a drop-in service, attending to the cats in the mornings and evenings, or for clients who require single-day care. Although overnight stays are a popular option among most cat sitters, Becca prefers not to provide this service personally.

However, she ensures that the cats in her care receive ample attention and care during her visits, tailoring her approach based on each cat's unique personality and requirements.

Setting Prices and Tailoring Visits

Cat in a Flat allows sitters to set their own prices, providing a platform for negotiation and ensuring fair compensation for their services. Initially, Becca charged £9 for each visit, reflecting her commitment to providing quality care. However, due to the outstanding reviews and recommendations she received from satisfied clients, she confidently raised her prices to £13 for a single visit and £20 for two visits.

This widely demonstrates that her expertise and reliability have garnered the trust of many varying cat owners, making her a very popular and an in-demand choice for their much loved feline companions.

Interestingly, during her visits, Becca has stated that she adapts her approach depending on the specific needs and preferences of each cat. For instance, one of her regular clients has a rather aloof and independent nature, therefore, Becca's duties during these visits involve feeding the cat, cleaning the litter tray, and allowing her outdoor exploration. Later in the day, Becca returns to the house to let the cat back in and provide another feeding.

This routine, while providing essential care, typically takes about 20 minutes. However, with other cats who enjoy playtime, affectionate cuddles, or require specific medication, Becca is prepared to extend her visits to ensure the cats receive the attention and care they not only need, but also deserve.

Peak Times and Earnings

Interestingly, like with most things in life, the demand for cat sitting services varies throughout the year, with peak times generally coinciding with holiday seasons when owners are away on vacation or business trips.

What’s more, Becca's growing reputation as a reliable and compassionate cat sitter has led to an influx of bookings. In fact, she currently has three weeks' worth of jobs lined up for this month, July, alone, with her projected earnings amounting to an impressive £270, highlighting the financial rewards that can be achieved through this kind of side business.

The Benefits of The Social Media Craze

Social media can play a pivotal role in benefiting Becca's cat sitting side business. By utilising platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even TikTok, Becca can showcase her love for cats, highlight her expertise as a cat sitter, and connect with a wider audience of potential clients.

Through visually appealing posts, engaging captions, and heartfelt stories, Becca can create an online presence that resonates with cat owners seeking reliable and caring sitters. Additionally, social media also provides an avenue for Becca to gather positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients, further bolstering their credibility and attracting new bookings.

Moreover, podcasts present an excellent opportunity for Becca to leverage her expertise as a cat sitter and further enhance her side business. Potentially hosting her own podcast or appearing as a guest on established pet-related podcasts can provide Becca with a platform to share her knowledge, experiences, and insights on cat care.

Also, through engaging and informative discussions, she can showcase her passion for feline companionship, offer practical tips and advice, and establish herself as an authority in the field.


Becca Winkler's story exemplifies how a genuine love for cats can be transformed into a rewarding, profitable and flexible side business. Balancing her full-time job as a content creator with her passion for feline companionship, Becca has cultivated a thriving cat sitting business that brings joy and peace of mind to both owners and their beloved pets.

Through her flexible hours and commitment to providing personalised care, Becca has established herself as a trusted professional in her community, earning rave reviews and allowing her to increase her prices accordingly.

Finally, with her attention to detail, unwavering dedication, and deep understanding of each cat's needs, Becca has created a harmonious synergy between her full-time work and her fulfilling side business, bringing comfort and happiness to both cats and their owners alike.

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