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Turning Thrift Store Books into Monthly Success

Within the vast landscape of online retail, a captivating success story has emerged, showcasing the tremendous potential of a simple Amazon side hustle.

Enter Mama Profit, a 68-year-old woman whose few clicks have translated into an impressive monthly income of around £2,000 through the reselling of thrift store books.

Guided by her son, Steve Raiken, widely known as Raiken Profit in the online world, Mama Profit has become an entrepreneurial force, garnering admiration from her 259,000 followers and inspiring a new wave of resellers.

Discovering the Thrift Store Reselling Journey

The journey towards Mama Profit's remarkable success began as Steve Raiken and his mother combed through thrift stores in search of hidden treasures amidst clothing, fascinating objects, and books.

As Steve honed his skills in selecting the best items, enhancing their value, and reselling them on platforms, like eBay and Amazon, Mama Profit's interest in the world of reselling blossomed. Recognising her potential, Steve decided to help her establish her own reselling venture.

Simplifying the Logistics with an Innovative App

For Mama Profit, managing the complexities of online reselling, such as listing items, capturing appealing photographs, and coordinating shipping, posed a significant challenge.

To overcome these obstacles, Steve introduced her to a game-changing app that revolutionised their reselling journey. Apps like Scout IQ became their trusted ally, empowering Mama Profit with the ability to effortlessly scan book barcodes and receive instant, comprehensive information on each book's performance on Amazon.

Armed with this knowledge, she could accurately determine the optimal selling price, accounting for seller's fees, and calculate potential profits. Though a monthly fee was required to unlock the app's full benefits, the time-saving convenience it provided proved to be a worthwhile investment.

Mama Profit's Path to Success

Equipped with the scanning app, Mama Profit embarked on her reselling journey with newfound confidence. Armed with her smartphone, she ventured into thrift stores, empowered by the knowledge that she could make informed purchasing decisions by swiftly scanning book barcodes.

Within seconds, the app displayed a detailed breakdown of each book's performance on Amazon, unveiling its profit potential.

Steve captured one of these scanning sessions in a TikTok video, showcasing Mama Profit's efficient technique, demonstrating how simple it was, and shared it with his vast online following.

An Inclusive Side Hustle with Universal Appeal

It comes as no surprise that Mama Profit's straightforward side hustle has captivated individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Social media users were left astounded by the accessibility and profitability of her venture, lauding her success and expressing their eagerness to replicate her achievements.

Steve's generosity in sharing his secrets and providing guidance has ignited a wave of enthusiastic aspiring resellers, all eager to now embark on their own profitable journeys.

Using Social Media to Boost Businesses

Social media has transformed how small businesses connect with their audience, driving brand awareness, engagement, and sales. These platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, enable businesses to showcase their offerings, share valuable content, and establish industry authority.

Direct interaction with customers builds strong relationships, while cost-effective advertising reaches wider demographics. Visually appealing, real-time updates and user-generated content level the playing field against larger competitors.

Furthermore, podcasts have also emerged as a powerful tool for small businesses, providing a unique avenue to engage with their target audience and expand their reach. Unlike other forms of social media, podcasts offer an immersive and intimate experience that allows businesses to showcase their expertise, share valuable insights, and build meaningful connections.

By hosting a podcast, small businesses can establish themselves as industry authorities, attracting a loyal following of listeners who are interested in their niche. Additionally, podcasts can be repurposed and shared across various social media platforms, amplifying their impact and driving traffic to the business's website or other digital channels.


Mama Profit's resounding success in reselling thrift store books stands as a testament to the endless possibilities within the realm of online retail. By leveraging the power of a user-friendly scanning app and her son's expert guidance, she has transformed a few clicks into a remarkable monthly income of around £2,000.

This journey from thrift store discoveries to financial success has become accessible to all, regardless of age or experience. Aspiring entrepreneurs can now seize the potential of this lucrative side hustle, aided by the convenience and time-saving advantages offered by barcode scanning technology.

It is safe to say that Mama Profit's inspiring story serves as a rallying call that urges individuals to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and embark on a path towards financial independence and success.

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