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QL One - Empowering Small Businesses in India

QL One - Empowering Small Businesses in India

It is important to recognize and support small businesses as they contribute to economic growth in India. Rajiv Talreja's QL One is a desktop application created to support and show appreciation for small businesses in India.

The app, which was announced during Proficorn 2023, aims to provide a variety of features that can be helpful to micro, small, and medium enterprises, or MSMEs . This blog will take a closer look at QL One and how it is designed to work towards empowering small businesses in India.

Who is Rajiv Talreja?

Rajiv Talreja is a well-known business coach who works with MSMEs in Asia. In 2006, he founded Quantum Leap, a training and coaching company. Impressively, over 300,000 business owners have participated in his business programmes since then.

More recently, Rajiv Talreja launched QL One, a desktop application intended to empower and recognize small businesses in India, who often struggle to adapt due to a lack of knowledge and expertise.

What is QL One and what was it designed to do?

QL One aims to provide support and give recognition to the heroes who contribute to the country's economy. Currently, only existing members of QL can access the range of features available on the app for MSME owners.

However, within the next two months, access will be extended to non-members. This would mean that Talreja's business expertise will be able to benefit more small businesses in India.

Additionally, next year, QL One intends to charge its users a small maintenance fee. The magazine for the company will also generate revenue, from both advertorials and advertisements. In addition, there are plans to make QL One into a mobile app in the coming year.

What are some of the features of the app?

The app provides its users with many different features, offering varying levels of information and support, which also expands across many different topics.

This means that there is help and support that will suit each business, depending on the area they need help with the most. Among its notable features are:

Business Growth - There is a series of functional training programs separated into four levels to guide MSMEs in both learning and implementation. The material provided consists of various resources such as educational videos, practical examples, interactive tasks, progress trackers, and others.

Networking - This is a platform similar to LinkedIn that allows MSMEs from various industries and backgrounds to connect with each other and form meaningful relationships.

Business Bazaar - The platform serves as a "shopping mall" for MSME owners seeking service providers and suppliers for their business's regular operations. Through this, QL One aims to help business owners find specialists in various fields by listing their services.

Funding - This initiative aims to provide funding support for MSMEs that focus on profitability. The goal is to act as a bridge between business owners and financiers or investors, offering debt or minority equity models with interest rates around 10%-12%. The aim is to disburse Rs 100 crore for which QL has certain partnerships.

Experiences - MSME business owners can look forward to attending curated events, like Proficorn 2023.

Business Success Awards - A transparent and trustworthy awards ceremony to acknowledge and honour MSMEs, as there are some outstanding business owners in the ecosystem who have shown growth, innovation, impact, and social responsibility in their respective industries.

Business Success Magazine - The focus is to showcase the motivating journeys of entrepreneurs who own micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, and who are bringing significant changes in their respective fields.

How has QL helped businesses so far?

More than 16,000 entrepreneurs have used Quantum Leap's P.A.C.E System to manage and speed up their business performance.

Moreover, Quantum Leap's coaching team has provided one-to-one coaching to over 4500 MSME business owners, helping them establish strategies and systems to achieve growth and profitability.

With the release of QL One, small business owners will now have access to a broader range of resources than ever before, and all in one place as well, which can aid them in growing their businesses, and enable them to prosper well into the future.

How could different platforms also help QL to promote its services?

Aside from the app, Quantum Leap can also use online platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn and even podcasts to further promote their services and help spread the word about what they offer. For example, they could create educational videos on topics, such as business growth or networking, that will be available to their viewers free of charge.

Additionally, QL could collaborate with other companies or non-profits in order to expand their network of resources and services which can be offered to MSMEs. This way, they will build better relationships and create more opportunities for those who need it most.

Finally, they could also utilise the power of email marketing to generate more leads and customers. By creating a strong online presence, Quantum Leap will be able to reach out to a wider range of people and help them grow their businesses in a better way.

Some final words

It is clear to see that QL One, by Rajiv Talreja, has the potential to revolutionise small businesses in India. The desktop application aims to support and show respect to MSMEs by providing various features that can assist them in their growth and success.

Furthermore, Talreja plans to expand access to non-members and launch a mobile app version to enable even more small businesses to benefit from their business expertise. The development holds a lot of potential for the Indian economy, as small businesses are a key driver of economic growth in the country.

Finally, as Talreja and the QL One team keep supporting and empowering small businesses in India, everyone, not just the business owners, can anticipate more remarkable achievements from them in the future.

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