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Pedal House Revolutionises Fitness in SoHo

New York, June 2023, Pedal House, the sweat-driven, high-performance cycling experience founded by celebrity trainers Joey Foley and Nada Foley, is thrilled to announce the opening of its second location in the vibrant SoHo neighbourhood.

This new studio, located at 45 Crosby Street, marks a significant milestone for the independent brand as it takes over a former SoulCycle space, breathing new life into the fitness landscape.

Renovations that Reflect Fitness and Brand Vision

Following meticulous renovations to reflect their fitness and brand vision, the 3,357 sqft ground floor and duplex space at 45 Crosby Street will captivate visitors with its thoughtfully designed ambiance.

Pedal House has carefully curated the space to feature aged pine walls in the back of the main studio, sleek lighting, state-of-the-art sound systems, warm wood and plant details, stone flooring, and modern white accents.

This attention to detail has garnered recognition from Architecture Design magazine for their classes, atmosphere, and interior design, highlighting their dedication to creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Transformative Fitness Experience

Pedal House has gained renown for its philosophy of combining the power of rhythm-based cycling, the science of kinesiology, and the transformative practice of active meditation.

By infusing principles of kinesiology into their rhythm-based cycling classes, expert instructors guide participants to maximise efficiency, ensure proper form, and optimise biomechanics with each pedal stroke.

The energising power of music adds an immersive element to the experience, making it physically invigorating and mentally uplifting. What truly sets Pedal House apart is their integration of active meditation, offering participants a dedicated space for mindfulness and self-care.

Instructors expertly guide individuals to cultivate inner calm, balance, and mental clarity amidst the intense workout, enabling them to enhance their physical fitness while managing the pressures of daily life.

Cycling Bootcamp: A High-Energy Challenge

In addition to their renowned rhythm-based cycling classes, Pedal House offers the exhilarating Cycling Bootcamp, formerly known as Black Label, an invite-only class. This fusion of indoor cycling and boot camp-style workouts delivers a high-energy, full-body challenge.

Participants pedal to the rhythm, pushing their cardiovascular endurance to new heights, and seamlessly transition to a series of strength and conditioning exercises targeting every muscle group. Led by skilled instructors, participants unleash their inner strength, build resilience, and achieve their fitness goals in an empowering environment.

Empowering Individuals to Become Leaders

Joey Foley, Co-Founder of Pedal House, expresses the mission of the studio as providing a transformative fitness experience that empowers individuals to become the leaders they always wanted to be. By approaching Pedal House as a program rather than just a class, people can witness the diversity in their workouts and cultivate mental strength.

What’s more, Nada Foley, Co-Founder and master instructor, also shares her perspective, emphasising that Pedal House classes have helped her manage more and feel better as a mother of two, married to someone who refuses to slow down.

Also, by acknowledging that life has its ups and downs, Nada believes their classes help individuals to better navigate their emotions and manage stress and anxiety effectively.

Join the Pedal House Community

Pedal House warmly welcomes fitness enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes, to join their community and experience the transformative power of movement.

With a diverse array of classes, expert instructors, and a supportive atmosphere, Pedal House is committed to helping individuals build strength, improve endurance, and embrace a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.

Furthermore, in a world where fitness goes beyond physicality, Pedal House offers a sanctuary where individuals can tap into their inner potential, conquer challenges, and emerge stronger both mentally and physically.

The Influence of Social Media

Social media and podcasts offer invaluable opportunities for Pedal House to connect with a wider audience and establish a strong online presence. Through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Pedal House can share engaging content, including class highlights, instructor spotlights, and testimonials, to attract and engage potential customers.

What’s more,by regularly updating their social media accounts with informative and inspirational content, Pedal House can build a community of fitness enthusiasts who resonate with their brand philosophy.

Additionally, launching a podcast would provide a platform to share insights, fitness tips, and interviews with industry experts, further establishing Pedal House as a leading authority in the fitness world. The podcast can serve as a valuable resource for both existing and potential customers, fostering a sense of connection and building trust.

By leveraging the power of social media and podcasts, Pedal House can extend its reach, strengthen its brand, and connect with individuals seeking a transformative fitness experience.


Pedal House, the groundbreaking sweat-driven cycling experience, has opened its second location in SoHo, marking a milestone for the independent brand.

With their fusion of rhythm-based cycling, kinesiology principles, and active meditation, Pedal House provides a transformative program that enhances physical fitness and mental well-being.

Recognised for their harmonious atmosphere and captivating interior design, Pedal House invites fitness enthusiasts of all levels to join their vibrant community and embark on a journey towards strength, endurance, and empowerment.

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