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In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the future of fitness, global fitness giant Les Mills has launched its latest marvel – the LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT XR app.

This virtual fitness masterpiece is designed to bring the world of martial arts workouts to life like never before, all while breaking down the boundaries between reality and the virtual realm.

Developed in collaboration with XR gaming specialist, Odders, this app promises to revolutionise the way we work out, bringing fitness fanatics an immersive experience that's both exhilarating and transformative.

Unveiling the METAMorphosis and The Leap into Mixed Reality (MR)

Les Mills has a track record of setting trends in the fitness industry. The previous version, BODYCOMBAT VR, became the world's best-selling VR fitness app, with fans ranging from professional boxer Tommy Fury, to countless fitness enthusiasts.

What’s more, it even received the prestigious title of META Quest's Best App of 2022.

BODYCOMBAT XR introduces a game-changing Mixed Reality (MR) mode, a unique feature that melds your real environment with the virtual training space. This fusion results in a workout experience that was previously unimaginable, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in fitness technology.

Meta Founder Mark Zuckerberg himself showcased this incredible innovation during the launch of the META Quest 3 headset in California, highlighting how users can seamlessly switch between immersive VR and MR experiences.

A World-Renowned Workout Takes the Leap with The Voice of Rachael and Dan

BODYCOMBAT XR is an extension of the world's most popular martial arts workout, enjoyed by millions worldwide each week.

Legendary program directors Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen lead the charge, pitting players against martial arts challenges across a variety of levels, from intergalactic deserts to neo-city skylines.

What’s more, Rachael and Dan provide coaching cues and motivation, making it feel like you have your personal fitness mentors right there with you. They can hardly contain their excitement as they declare that BODYCOMBAT XR takes fitness to an entirely new dimension.

They expressed further that it combines the best of VR with the exciting new possibilities of MR, bringing epic battles out of the headset and into your living room. You can simply just forget that you're exercising, as you will get lost in the thrills of martial arts!

The Mission of Les Mills, Odders Labs and How To Get in on the Action

Les Mills' overarching mission is to create a fitter planet, and BODYCOMBAT XR is their latest weapon in this noble endeavour.

By breaking down barriers to exercise and making fitness more accessible, they hope to inspire even more people to embark on their fitness journey and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Odders Labs, the XR development studio behind this innovation, has always been at the forefront of quality and innovation. With the Meta Quest 3, they've taken BODYCOMBAT XR to new heights, offering users bigger ranges of motion and a safer workout experience.

Furthermore, they invite users to enjoy a lighter headset and experience a virtual portal into the thrilling world of BODYCOMBAT XR.

The BODYCOMBAT XR app is now available for purchase in the Quest Store for $29.99. To enjoy the full functionality, you'll need a Quest 3 headset. However, if you're an existing owner of BODYCOMBAT VR, fret not – you'll receive a free update to this new version.

Features That Define BODYCOMBAT XR: More than Just a Workout and Understanding XR

BODYCOMBAT XR is not just about exercise; it's an experience. With the following features, it promises to deliver a fitness experience that's second to none:

Signature Style: New punch moves and knee strikes take your workout to the next level. Dodge walls, break targets, throw punches, and slam with your knee! Levels for All Abilities: Over 50 workout plans cater to everyone, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. Unbeatable Results: Scientifically-designed workouts help you track your progress. First-Class Coaches: Dan Cohen & Rachael Newsham guide and motivate you. Amazing Music: Specially-curated soundtracks boost your energy. Stunning Virtual Environments: 11 breathtaking settings enrich your workout experience.

Furthermore, if you're wondering about Extended Reality (XR), it's the next frontier in technology. While Virtual Reality (VR) immerses you entirely in a virtual world, XR adds virtual elements to your real surroundings, creating a Mixed Reality experience that's truly mind-blowing.

The Legacy of Les Mills and Odders Labs: The Innovation Behind the Spin

Founded by four-time Olympian Les Mills, this fitness powerhouse has evolved into a global leader in group fitness.

With programs like BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, RPM, BODYBALANCE, LES MILLS GRIT, and THE TRIP, Les Mills continues to set the pace for the industry, refreshing workouts every three months to keep them exciting and effective.

Today, Les Mills workouts reach enthusiasts in 100 countries through 21,000 clubs and the LES MILLS+ streaming platform.

On the other hand, based in Seville, Spain, Odders Labs is known for adding unique characteristics to their XR titles, making them stand out. Their partnership with Les Mills has resulted in a fitness experience that's innovative and unparalleled.

How Can Social Media Platforms and Podcasts Be Beneficial to This Partnership?

The partnership between Les Mills and Odders Labs can greatly benefit from the integration of social media platforms and podcasts. Social media offers a dynamic platform to engage with a global fitness community, allowing users to share their BODYCOMBAT XR experiences, progress, and success stories.

This not only fosters a sense of community but also serves as a powerful marketing tool, spreading the word about this innovative fitness app.

Additionally, podcasts can serve as an informative and entertaining medium to dive deeper into the world of fitness, XR technology, and the unique features of BODYCOMBAT XR. With expert interviews, workout tips, and discussions about the future of fitness, podcasts can keep users engaged and informed, further solidifying their commitment to this revolutionary fitness experience.

Together, social media and podcasts can amplify the partnership's reach, fostering a passionate and informed user base.


Les Mills' BODYCOMBAT XR app is a game-changer in the world of fitness, offering an unparalleled fusion of VR and MR technologies that redefine the way we can exercise.

With an impressive roster of features and the backing of fitness legends, Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen, this app is set to become the gold standard in virtual fitness.

What’s more, it not only inspires you to break a sweat but also pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the world of XR.

Therefore, whether you're a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, BODYCOMBAT XR promises to be the workout of a lifetime, bringing the thrill of martial arts right into your living room; so get ready to punch, kick, and conquer your fitness goals with Les Mills' latest marvel!

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