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Breaking Stereotypes: The Story of A Curvy Personal Trainer

People commonly associate the fitness industry with flawless physiques, chiselled abs, and defined muscles. It can be challenging to overcome stereotypes and achieve success in an industry that places a high value on appearance.

However, there are people who are changing the traditional way of thinking, and Cherry Rosaline is among them. Cherry is a 22 year old personal trainer from Perth who has demonstrated that 'healthy' encompasses more aspects than just physical body size and shape.

This blog will explore Cherry's story in more detail, her journey into the fitness industry, and the challenges she has faced as a curvy personal trainer.

How did Cherry's fitness journey begin?

Two years ago, in 2021, Cherry got into the fitness industry by beginning to do strength training and conditioning as a way to deal with academic stress. After developing a passion for exercise, she pursued and obtained two degrees in sports science and psychology.

Fast forward to 2023, Cherry is currently a fully certified personal trainer and is working towards obtaining a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology, while also currently working at S30, a popular hybrid gym and studio in Perth. Her high-energy and expertise have made her well-liked among clients.

In the past, Cherry has struggled with her own physical injuries, having been in a car accident and lived with a hip injury since childhood, but she has big plans for her fitness in 2023. The coach stated that her top priority is to enhance her performance, health, and well-being, with aesthetics being a secondary concern.

However, as a curvy personal trainer, Cherry faced her own doubts about her skills before she began working as a coach. She explained that working in a fitness industry with a dominant stereotype of what fitness should look like is often challenging.

Nevertheless, Cherry's experience as a personal trainer has been wildly different from her initial expectations. She believes her friendly communication style allows her clients to witness her skill and knowledge first-hand.

Body types, body image, social media and workouts

Cherry is convinced that social media contributes to the pressure to conform to a specific body type. She thinks that images of perfect bodies and exercise routines on Instagram may not accurately reflect reality.

She says that the workouts for the "perfect body", that frequently appear on social media, are not based on science and do not produce actual results. Further studies have also indicated that individuals who are plus-size or have disabilities may experience feelings of self-consciousness when in a gym environment because they may feel that their bodies do not conform to the perceived ideal body shape.

The coach recognized that individuals dealing with chronic illness or disabilities may face difficulties in performing conventional workouts, which can negatively impact their fitness. This is the main reason why Cherry opted to work as a personal trainer, she wanted to specifically help those living with these challenges to find an effective way to work out.

She focuses on science and research-backed methods of training that are also fun and enjoyable, explaining that not everyone has to go to gym classes or workouts; but rather can take part in an activity they enjoy, like swimming or cycling.

What does the fitness industry need?

Cherry's message effectively highlights the need for diversity and realistic expectations in the fitness industry. She aims to challenge industry stereotypes, raise awareness about the benefits of exercising, to improve physical and mental well-being, and also to help others get fit and feel good about themselves, regardless of their body shape or size.

Furthermore, Cherry's achievements as a personal trainer highlight the progress towards greater inclusivity and diversity in the fitness industry. She is an inspiration to both young personal trainers and anyone who has pursued their dreams despite facing challenges, due to her unwavering spirit and determination to succeed.

Different ways to share fitness knowledge with the world?

One of the ways personal trainers could share their journeys and knowledge with the world is by creating online content, such as video tutorials or blog posts, that provide useful information about health and fitness.

Trainers could also offer online training sessions via Skype, Zoom, or another video-conferencing platform, which would enable them to share their expertise with a larger audience, regardless of their location.

Furthermore, there is the use of social media platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, to share motivational stories about a clients progress, as well as tips for others who want to achieve success in the fitness world.

Lastly, podcasts are also a great way to reach people who are interested in health and fitness. These podcasts can give listeners a broader insight into a trainer's story, the techniques they use to help clients, and could potentially include collaborative interviews with experts, as well as general discussions and updates about the latest trends in the industry.


Cherry's story is a shining example of how personal trainers can help people reach their goals, stay motivated, and improve their physical and mental health. Fitness has the potential to be inclusive and empowering to everyone who participates, regardless of their size or shape. She is showing that with the right attitude and dedication it is possible to achieve great things, no matter the obstacles.

By recognizing and addressing the need for more inclusive environments in the fitness industry, trainers like Cherry can help those who feel self-conscious or intimidated to find a comfortable place where they can enjoy exercising.

In addition, by creating online content and responsibly using social media platforms, personal trainers can inspire others to reach their goals and make a difference in the world. It is important for personal trainers to remember that their job isn’t just about helping people reach their fitness goals, it's also about making an impact on their lives and inspiring them to stay dedicated to bettering themselves.

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