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From Climbing the Corporate Ladder to Coaching Success

Tara Rule, a highly accomplished professional with a distinguished career spanning 18 years, found herself at a crossroads when she turned down a coveted vice president position within the tech industry.

Having scaled the corporate ladder while working for industry giants, like Adobe and Virgin Media, Tara had always aspired to reach the pinnacle of success in her corporate career. However, a profound realisation led her to a remarkable shift in focus, unveiling her true passion for coaching and empowering businesses to foster positivity and achieve remarkable progress.

Today, Tara is widely recognised as the Busy2Balanced Positive Psychology Coach, leveraging her rich experiences and exceptional skills to help professionals thrive and excel in their work lives.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder to A New Calling

Throughout her impressive journey, Tara Rule diligently climbed the rungs of the corporate ladder, amassing invaluable expertise and honing her skills in esteemed positions at renowned companies such as Adobe and Virgin Media.

Driven by the allure of a top executive role, Tara ardently pursued her aspiration to occupy the highest echelons of success within the corporate world.

However, fate had other plans for Tara, leading her towards an unforeseen calling as a business coach. She discovered that her true passion lay in helping other enterprises cultivate a positive mindset, overcome obstacles, and achieve remarkable growth.

Realising the immense impact she could make in this new role, Tara embarked on a transformative journey, harnessing her expertise and insights to guide professionals towards unprecedented success.

The Birth of a Flourishing Business

Transitioning from a corporate career to entrepreneurship, Tara wholeheartedly committed herself to the pursuit of coaching excellence. Recognising the need for personal growth and development, she took a leap of faith, leaving behind the familiarity and security of her corporate job.

Determined to build her confidence and refine her coaching skills, Tara invested in herself by joining a prestigious coaching program, equipping herself with the tools and knowledge to succeed in her new endeavour.

Simultaneously, Tara skillfully utilised her time, building her personal brand, reputation, and community on social media platforms. While still employed, she dedicated her weekends and evenings to laying the foundation for her future business.

Furthermore, through strategic planning and meticulous execution, Tara ensured that when the time came to transition into full-time entrepreneurship, she had already established a thriving and successful enterprise, attracting clients eager to benefit from her expertise.

Unleashing Her Talents

During this pivotal period of preparation, Tara delved deeper into self-discovery, seeking to uncover her unique talents and strengths. With a keen focus on fostering positivity and simplifying complex processes, Tara recognised that the mounting pressures of rising living costs had sowed seeds of doubt and apprehension in many potential clients.

Though still undeterred, she devised a robust plan to grow her coaching business, infusing her interactions with a contagious belief in her clients' abilities to achieve greatness. Through her unwavering commitment and self-belief, Tara instilled confidence and provided a guiding light for those she worked with.

The Influence and Benefits of Social Media

Social media and podcasts hold immense potential to benefit Tara's coaching business in several ways. By leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Tara can amplify her reach, engage with a broader audience, and establish herself as an authority in the field of positive psychology coaching.

Through providing captivating content, thought-provoking insights, and valuable tips, she can foster a community of like-minded individuals and potential clients, showcasing her expertise and building trust.

Additionally, podcasts provide an excellent avenue for Tara to share her knowledge, experiences, and success stories with a dedicated audience. By hosting her own podcast or appearing as a guest on relevant shows, Tara can expand her visibility, attract new clients, and establish herself as a thought leader in the coaching industry.

Overall, through the power of social media and podcasts, Tara can cultivate a strong online presence, connect with her target audience, and ultimately, propel her coaching business to new heights of success.


Tara Rule's journey from a tenacious corporate ladder climber to a flourishing business coach is a testament to the transformative power of following one's true passion. By bravely embracing her calling, investing in her personal growth, and leveraging her expertise, Tara has carved out a fulfilling career that not only enables her professional growth but also empowers countless individuals and businesses to also unlock their true potential.

Through her positive psychology coaching, Tara has created a lasting impact, transforming lives and catalysing remarkable growth. Furthermore, her inspiring story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration to all those seeking to unearth their true calling and make a profound difference in their chosen field.

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