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Turning Childhood Interests into a Small Business

Turning Childhood Interests into a Small Business

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, many of us found ourselves stuck at home, putting our lives on pause. However, Gavin Davies' experience took a bit of a sudden turn. It was during that strange time that he rekindled his childhood interest in collecting Pokémon cards.

After discovering and watching YouTuber Logan Paul, he once again became highly interested in his old hobby and was inspired to open a new business. This blog post will delve deeper into Gavin's journey and how it became a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Who is Gavin Davis and how did his Pokemon interest start?

Coming from Ebbw Vale, a small town in Wales, Gavin Davies is a 30-year-old who first started collecting Pokémon cards when he was just six. He pursued the hobby all through his childhood years until approximately 2011, when he lost some interest in the series.

However, the lockdown provided him with a chance to reconnect with a past passion. It was at this time that Gavin became interested in watching YouTuber Logan Paul, and his videos showing his old Pokémon card collection.

He wasn't alone in this, as Paul's YouTube channel had sparked a new trend for re-collecting the cards, and Gavin, like many others, joined in the hype. Once again Gavin looked at his Pokémon card collections and realised that he was completely invested again.

What led him to start his small business adventure?

During the lockdown period, Gavin decided to get proactive and dedicated his time to researching everything related to Pokémon, including watching all the available videos and documentaries, to further enhance his knowledge on the subject.

As Gavin travelled down a wormhole of nostalgia, it got him thinking that his passion for collecting Pokémon cards could potentially be turned into a business opportunity. Fast forward a year or two, and Gavin has opened his new business named "The Collector Sector" in his hometown of Ebbw Vale.

The store is located on Church Street, and it sells a variety of items including collectable cards, vintage Disney plushies, interactive figures, Pixar merchandise, sealed figures, mystery packs and more.

What you need to know about 'The Collector Sector'

On Saturday, May 6, the Collector Sector opened its doors and welcomed people from various parts of the UK, including London, Manchester, and Swindon, to support the new business launch event in Ebbw Vale. According to Gavin, the first week of business was great, and he intends to establish additional clubs and activities in the store.

Additionally, The Collector Sector offers a variety of price ranges to fit different incomes, which is a great feature. Customers have the option to purchase card packs for as little as 50p, or card packs for £2. But then on the other hand, there's a single collectable card that holds a value of £1,500.

Also, customers can also choose to spin a wheel of fortune, priced for £3, for a chance to win a pack of cards that is worth £2, all the way up to individual cards that are priced between £30 and £40. What's more, there's even a Nintendo set-up for customers to use and also, a GameCube.

Furthermore, Gavin has stated that he will organise a minimum of two major events every month at the store. The first game event was held on May 20th, which allowed both children and adults to play the Pokemon card game. In addition, the store will be hosting valid trade events in a secure environment.

What is Gavin's goal going forward?

Gavin's hobby of collecting cards has turned into a thriving business. His goal and aim is to reintroduce a sense of nostalgia from the '90s back into the locality. Gavin hopes that the Collector Sector will become a community hub for people to share their love of collecting and reminisce about childhood memories.

Overall, Gavin wants to share his passion and enthusiasm for Pokémon cards, and other popular collectables, with others that are like him, so they too can feel a sense of pride in what they collect. Additionally, he also wants to provide a fun and safe space that offers something different and exciting to a small town that has never experienced a store like The Collector Sector before.

What platforms would be useful in promoting his business and events?

Gavin, and other small business owners alike, would greatly benefit from setting up a website and/or social media accounts, on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok, where they can post pictures of the latest products in store and any news about upcoming events.

Additionally, printed promotional materials, such as flyers and posters, at local schools, supermarkets and other strategic locations around Ebbw Vale would potentially catch the eye of potential customers that may not be so heavily involved with social media or the internet.

Podcasting is also another great platform in which to showcase the store and spread news of upcoming events and products, and also invite guest speakers on to get discussions going, or to hear firsthand reviews of the merchandise.

Also, working in collaboration with local radio stations would be a useful form of promotion. Radio advertisement is a great way to reach the local community and spread more awareness to a bigger audience at one time.

In conclusion

Gavin Davies reignited his childhood passion after watching Logan Paul, which eventually led to the establishment of a prosperous business. The creation of the Collector Sector is a way to honour his childhood memories and the sense of reminiscence that is common among many of us when thinking about our younger days. He believes that the value of collecting cards goes beyond just having the physical items, it's additionally about cherishing the memories and experiences they represent.

Furthermore, many people have found joy in Gavin's passion for the nostalgia of the '90s, and The Collector Sector has become a gathering place for them to share their love. It's definitely clear to say that Gavin's story is a great reminder that anyone can discover their passion, whether old or new, in the most unexpected of ways, and turn it into something brilliant with a bit of heart and research.

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