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Business: From a £10 Challenge to International Success

In a truly extraordinary tale of entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering determination, Kevin Blackburn and Kylie Thomas, a couple hailing from Scunthorpe, embarked on a journey to transform a simple family challenge into a thriving business empire.

Inspired by the TV show "The Apprentice," they set out to turn a meagre £10 investment into substantial profits.

Today, their company, Systemise Fulfilment, stands as a testament to their entrepreneurial prowess, serving as a leading warehouse and shipping operations business catering to Amazon FBA and eCommerce businesses worldwide.

The Birth of a Vision

Kevin and Kylie, high school sweethearts who have been together since the age of 17, dipped their toes into the world of online selling by utilising eBay as their platform.

However, the cumbersome task of queuing up at the Post Office every day to ship their products soon became a hurdle in their path to success. It was this obstacle that sparked the idea behind their innovative business venture, Systemise Fulfilment, in 2015.

They aimed to revolutionise warehouse and shipping operations for eCommerce businesses, particularly focusing on efficiently handling orders for Amazon FBA sellers.

From £10 to £130,000

The couple's entrepreneurial journey began with a modest investment of £10, which unexpectedly led them to an astounding discovery.

After scouring their local charity shop, they purchased eight second-hand porcelain birds for a mere 75 pence each, and to their amazement, they successfully resold these items on eBay for an impressive £8 to £12 each, swiftly turning their initial £10 investment into £60 to £70.

This early success fueled their ambition and sparked a light bulb moment - the realisation that sourcing a substantial quantity of these birds could yield substantial profits.

Strategic Moves and Continued Growth

Kevin and Kylie's astute business acumen continued to blossom as they tapped into market trends and consumer demand. With a keen eye for opportunity, they expanded their product lines beyond porcelain birds.

They shrewdly began purchasing popular Monsters Inc teddy bears from Tesco, taking advantage of their lower wholesale price of £12.50 each and reselling them online at a significant markup of £28. This strategic move allowed them to capitalise on the popularity of the merchandise and maximise their profits.

Turning Dreams into Reality

The couple's hard work and strategic decision-making propelled their business to new heights. In their second month of buying and selling, their earnings soared to an impressive £15,000 and by the end of their first year, their sales had reached a staggering £130,000.

This remarkable success prompted Kevin and Kylie to make a life-changing decision, in which they quit their jobs to fully dedicate themselves to managing Systemise Fulfilment. Their business rapidly expanded, both in terms of geographical reach and operational capacity.

Today, Systemise Fulfilment has established itself as a global player, shipping over two million units for partners and customers across the world. And what’s more, with a team of 21 dedicated members, their operations continue to thrive in the present day.

Sharing Their Journey

Kevin Blackburn, not content with their own success, sought to inspire others by starting a YouTube channel in 2016.

Through their videos, he documented their remarkable journey, sharing their experiences, strategies, and motivational stories with aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Their channel quickly gained traction, amassing over 9,000 subscribers who eagerly sought insights and inspiration from Kevin and Kylie's entrepreneurial achievements.

The Aid of Other Social Platforms

In addition to their successful YouTube channel, Kevin and Kylie have the opportunity to leverage other social media platforms and podcasting to further enhance their business. By expanding their presence on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they can tap into larger audiences and engage with potential customers and partners.

These platforms provide a valuable space for showcasing their products, sharing success stories, and connecting with their target market on a more personal level. Moreover, creating a podcast related to eCommerce, entrepreneurship, or their own journey would enable them to also reach a wider audience and establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry. Through podcasting, they can share insights, interview experts, and provide valuable tips and advice, all while promoting their business and attracting new opportunities.

Therefore, embracing these additional avenues of communication and storytelling can elevate Kevin and Kylie's brand visibility, foster community engagement, and ultimately contribute to the continued growth and success of Systemise Fulfilment.

Believing in a Better Future

When asked about the key to their enduring success, Kevin and Kylie attribute it to their unwavering belief in their dreams and aspirations.

Their relentless pursuit of a better life and improved work-life balance for their family has been the driving force behind their accomplishments.

By staying true to their values and remaining dedicated to their goals, they have surpassed all expectations.


The inspiring journey of Kevin Blackburn and Kylie Thomas, from a modest £10 family challenge to international success with Systemise Fulfilment, exemplifies the power of entrepreneurial spirit and the rewards that come with unwavering determination.

Their story serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding aspiring business owners that with passion, strategic thinking, and self-belief, any dream can be transformed into a remarkable reality.

As Kevin and Kylie continue to lead the way in entrepreneurial excellence, their legacy will undoubtedly motivate and empower generations to come.

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