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Best podcasting software

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One key factor in creating a professional-sounding podcast is the editing software you use. Apart from the right recording equipment, your choice of software can make a considerable difference. In this blog post, we'll be diving into some of the best free podcast editing software available today to help you deliver top-tier content to your audience.


Restream is a live streaming studio software that enables you to broadcast live podcasts or record video podcast episodes. With features such as custom branding, guest invitations, and multi-seat accounts, it offers great versatility. However, keep in mind that Restream requires an internet connection for use and does not provide podcast hosting or distribution to podcast platforms.


Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a professional-grade podcast recording and editing software packed with features designed to simplify your podcast editing and make your production sound terrific. However, all these features come at a cost, with the monthly subscription starting at $20.99.



GarageBand is a free digital audio workstation (DAW) from Apple available for iOS and macOS devices. Primarily designed for musicians, GarageBand can also be an excellent tool for podcasters with the use of an external microphone.

Garage band screenshot

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is an advanced music production and audio editing software, a level up from GarageBand. Designed for music engineers, it's not tailored for podcasters, but can still be useful for advanced audio editing tasks. It carries a one-time fee of $200.

logic pro.webp


Auphonic is podcast editing software tailored for those who don't enjoy the editing process. It allows you to upload your recordings, which it will analyze and enhance with level audio and noise reduction. However, Auphonic does not record, meaning you may still need a DAW for some edits.

Auphonic editor.png


Zencastr is a web-based tool that provides high-quality audio and video recording. It allows you to record guests from their own web browsers, removing the need for complex setup or software installation.



SquadCast provides the ability to capture high-quality remote interviews with user-friendly software. A standout feature is its ability to record each guest on separate audio tracks.


All of the aforementioned podcast editing software have their unique strengths and weaknesses. As such, your choice should hinge on your specific needs and budget. For more information about podcast editing software, check out our detailed comparison on our Best Podcast Editing Software blog post.

Beyond just the technical aspects of podcasting, there are various ways to grow

your podcast audience. From promoting your podcast on social media to leveraging SEO, you can explore different strategies to increase your reach. To learn more, head over to our post on How to Grow Your Podcast Audience.

The story behind PodApp is also worth a read to understand our mission and values. Get to know us better through The PodApp Story.

PodApp isn't just a podcast hosting platform, but a comprehensive solution for all your podcasting needs. It's the ultimate platform for modern podcasters, be it for hosting, distributing, monetizing, or growing your podcast. We strive to provide a seamless and straightforward podcasting experience, enabling creators like you to focus on what you do best - creating engaging and impactful content.

We hope this blog post aids you in your podcasting journey. Remember, with the right tools and determination, you can create high-quality podcasts that your audience will love. Happy podcasting!

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