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Nat’v Basics: A Sustainable Fashion Empire on the Rise

In the bustling world of fashion, where trends come and go, one entrepreneur, Sandy Ronalds, dared to dream differently.

As the founder of Nat’v Basics, Sandy realised the troubling practices within the fashion market and grew concerned about the implications they could have for future generations.

Driven by a desire to do what she loved while feeling good about how she did it, Sandy embarked on a mission to create a brand that would revolutionise the industry.

The Birth of Nat’v Basics and A Sustainable Mindset

Before the inception of Nat’v Basics, Sandy Ronalds co-founded a venture in the beauty industry. However, her heart yearned to create something that aligned with her sustainability goals.

The seeds of her sustainable fashion empire were sown nine years ago, following the birth of her daughter Mackenzie. Fueled by her passion for change, Sandy embarked on a journey of research and brainstorming to find her elusive 'unicorn' concept.

Finally, the 'unicorn' was born, and Nat’v Basics came to life on her daughter's birthday, an auspicious moment symbolising the full-circle nature of her idea. The brand not only offers basics, bras, and underwear that boast exceptional comfort but also crafts its entire range with a sustainably conscious mindset.

Furthermore, Nat’v Basics sources fabrics from certified organic cotton farms, renewably sourced natural fibres, and recycled plastics, making it a champion of eco-friendly fashion.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity From a Devoted Following to a Basic Empire

Nat’v Basics stands firmly on the principles of gender inclusivity and size diversity. Sandy Ronalds and her team are continually dedicated to making all individuals, regardless of gender identity, feel empowered and confident.

Therefore, this means that the brand caters to a wide range of sizes, from S to XXXL, reaffirming their commitment to promoting body positivity and self-love.

What’s more, with an unwavering focus on sustainability and inclusivity, Sandy has built a fashion empire that captivates hearts and minds, shown by Nat’v Basics having garnered a devoted following, selling over 600,000 units and amassing a staggering revenue of over $4 million.

Even more impressively, today, the brand even takes on industry giants like Skims, Kim Kardashian’s loungewear brand, proving that ethical fashion can rival any mainstream competitor.

Challenges of Balancing Motherhood, an Entrepreneurship, Steadfast Growth and Success

As a mother and a businesswoman, Sandy candidly admits that the journey has not been without its challenges. Finding the right balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship has been a constant struggle, and at times, she has wrestled with feelings of guilt.

Nevertheless, Sandy's resolve remains unshaken, as she navigates the ever-evolving obstacles of her entrepreneurial journey. What’s more, despite the ups and downs, Nat’v Basics continues to thrive; as
Sandy's dedication has borne fruit, leading the brand to remarkable growth.

In its second year, the company made close to $2 million, while in the third year, it soared to an astonishing $4.84 million in revenue, exceeding even Sandy's wildest expectations. Finally, in the present day, over 600,000 Nat’v undies grace the world, which is a strong testament to the brand's loyal customer base.

Nat’v Basics x Darling Shine: A Resounding Success Empowering Women and Beyond

Adding to their success, Sandy recently joined forces with Aussie influencers, Ellidy Pullin and Chloe Fisher, launching a collection called Nat’v Basics x Darling Shine.

The collaboration was met with immense enthusiasm, with five items selling per minute and the cult bodysuit being snatched up every 70 seconds. This collaboration not only cemented Nat’v Basics' popularity but also showcased the brand's capacity to appeal to diverse fashion enthusiasts.

Moreover, Nat’v Basics' dedication to inclusivity extends beyond fashion, as Sandy actively engages in initiatives that empower women and uplift marginalised communities. Through collaborations with ethical suppliers and initiatives supporting female artisans, the brand reinforces its commitment to a sustainable and equitable future.

Nat’v Basics vs. Skims: A Fierce Rivalry and An Inspiring Movement

As Nat’v Basics solidifies its position in the fashion world, it inevitably invites comparisons to established brands. Most notably, it has become a contender for Skims, a well-known loungewear brand founded by Kim Kardashian.

As the two titans vie for the spotlight, ultimately Sandy remains focused on her mission to revolutionise the fashion industry through sustainable practices.

Furthermore, the company’ success has ignited a broader movement toward eco-conscious fashion. Numerous fashion enthusiasts, designers, and industry insiders have been inspired to embrace sustainability and ethical practices.

Therefore, it should be noted that Sandy’s impressive and inspiring journey serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking to make a meaningful impact on the world through fashion.

The Power of Social Platforms in Raising and Spreading Brand Awareness

Social media platforms and podcasts offer unparalleled opportunities for Sandy's sustainable basics brand to thrive and reach a broader audience. Through social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Sandy can showcase her brand's eco-conscious ethos, share behind-the-scenes stories, and engage directly with her customers.

Additionally, visual platforms enable her to present her ultra-comfortable basics, bras, and underwear in an aesthetically pleasing manner, appealing to fashion enthusiasts who value sustainability. Also, by sharing content that highlights the brand's commitment to gender inclusivity and size diversity, Sandy can foster a sense of community and empower individuals of all identities to feel great in their clothing choices.

Furthermore, podcasts provide an excellent medium for Sandy to share her entrepreneurial journey, passion for sustainability, and insights into the fashion industry. Hosting or being a guest on relevant podcasts would allow her to connect with like-minded audiences and establish herself as a thought leader in sustainable fashion.

Moreover, podcasts offer a more intimate and personal platform for sharing Nat’v Basics' story, resonating with potential customers on a deeper level. Embracing social media platforms and podcasts, Sandy can elevate her brand's visibility, forge authentic connections, and inspire a wider movement towards a more sustainable and inclusive fashion future.


Ultimately, it is clear to see, Sandy Ronalds' unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion has paved the way for Nat’v Basics to become a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

With a devoted following, impressive revenue growth, and groundbreaking collaborations, the brand challenges the norms of fast fashion and aims to redefine the future of fashion. Also, Sandy's journey showcases the power of a singular vision, determination, and a genuine concern for the planet and its inhabitants.

Therefore, as Nat’v Basics continues to flourish, it embodies the transformational potential of fashion, an industry that can foster inclusivity, sustainability, and empowerment. By daring to dream differently, Sandy Ronalds has set a new standard for fashion, proving that style and substance can indeed coexist in harmony.

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