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Hustler Reveals How to Make £10k a Month Reselling Lego

In our quest to find side hustles that can help us make our money go further this summer, a remarkable opportunity has emerged, just minutes away from your doorstep.

A man has unveiled a savvy side hustle that allows him to earn a whopping £10,000 a month by reselling inexpensive Lego sets purchased from ASDA.

This enterprising individual has taken to social media to share his secrets, demonstrating how ordinary people can potentially turn a small investment into a lucrative venture.

In this article, we will delve further into the insightful tips and tricks shared by the social media influencer, ToyAlertsUK, whose TikTok account has become a treasure trove of Lego reselling wisdom.

Finding Profit, The Power of Reselling and The Allure of Retired Lego Toys

According to ToyAlertsUK, if you're looking to make some extra money on the side, he's got the perfect solution for you. His approach centres around purchasing retired Lego toys from retail shops and reselling them online, revealing a hidden market brimming with potential profits.

ASDA, a renowned retail chain, serves as the source for these cheap Lego sets, making it an easily accessible starting point for aspiring Lego resellers.

To illustrate the tremendous profitability of his strategy, ToyAlertsUK shares a specific example that showcases the remarkable potential of reselling Lego. He recounts purchasing a brand-new Lego Minecraft set from 2021 for a modest retail price of £15, and astonishingly, he claims to have sold the same set for £68, factoring in the necessary fees, resulting in an impressive £53 profit.

Notably, what makes Lego reselling even more appealing is the ease of storage. Unlike bulkier items, Lego sets are compact, requiring minimal space and effort to store until they find a buyer.

Furthermore, ToyAlertsUK reveals that the charm of retired Lego toys lies in their exclusivity. Once Lego sets are retired, they are no longer produced, leading to a scarcity that drives up their value. Collectors and enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium for these discontinued sets, making them highly sought after in the reselling market.

What’s more, Lego's enduring popularity ensures a steady demand for both new and retired sets, providing resellers with a consistent stream of potential buyers.

Joining the Discord Group

In a bid to offer further support to his followers in their Lego reselling journey, ToyAlertsUK encourages them to join his Discord group.

This is an online community that provides members with exclusive access to the best deals on Lego toys, ensuring they stay one step ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, by leveraging the power of a collective network, resellers can gain valuable insights, spot profitable opportunities, and maximise their chances of success.

Using Other Platforms to Further Share Expertise

To maximise the reach of his Lego reselling expertise, ToyAlertsUK can extend his presence beyond TikTok by leveraging various social media platforms and mediums. Creating a YouTube channel would allow him to offer comprehensive tutorials and demonstrations, catering to viewers seeking in-depth insights.

Moreover, Instagram, with its visual focus, presents an opportunity for him to showcase successful Lego flips, rare finds, and quick tips, by tapping into a visually oriented audience.

Additionally, delving into podcasts would enable ToyAlertsUK to engage with an audio-focused audience, where he can discuss reselling trends, share success stories, and collaborate with industry experts.


The world of Lego reselling presents an extraordinary opportunity for individuals seeking a side hustle to boost their income. Through the invaluable insights shared by ToyAlertsUK on TikTok, ordinary individuals can unlock the untapped potential of purchasing inexpensive Lego sets from ASDA and reselling them for substantial profits online.

Furthermore, the allure of retired Lego toys lies in their scarcity and the passionate collector base, which helps to drive their demand. So, with ToyAlertsUK’s guidance and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, anyone can enter this exciting market and transform a simple investment into a highly rewarding financial venture.

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